Letter: Think Global, Vote Local

Mike Visconti Concord NH

To the residents of Concord,

My name is Mike Visconti, and I am running for State Representative for District 27 in Concord, NH.

As your elected representative, I promise to bring pragmatism, integrity, and transparency to the NH House.

As a moderate Republican, I am clearly the underdog in this district.

And yet, since 2018, my opponents have voted in favor of legislation to raise your taxes in almost every imaginable way. They are focused on attacking your personal freedoms, and have the same extremist agenda as those in California, Oregon, and Illinois. 

The chaos we see in our cities now is exactly what foreign totalitarian governments like China want.

Is this the future we want? We need to think global and vote local. Change starts right here.

As a business owner, I know how important the NH small business ecosystem is.

As an NH post-graduate student, I know how too well the burden of debt our graduates are being forced to assume.

As an NH native, I want to work for this state and help it be the best it can be.

Due to COVID-19, I realize that you and I may not get the chance to meet before the election, shake hands, and talk about the issues important to you.

So I ask that you write to me to stay in touch.

Please let me know your concerns. What else is important to you this election?

Thank you, and stay healthy,

Mike Visconti

Concord, NH

Learn more about Mike Visconti on his campaign website here: