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Volinsky Endorsed By NH Postal Workers Union

Labor Union Cited Volinsky’s Long Record of Fighting for Workers as Both Attorney and  Executive Councilor

CONCORD, NH— Today, the New Hampshire Postal Workers Union proudly endorsed Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky for governor.  The NH Postal Workers Union represents over 1100 clerks, maintenance and motor vehicle employees throughout the state of New Hampshire. Most work in and around the Manchester, Nashua and Concord area and are members of the Manchester Local #230.

“Andru Volinsky has consistently stood in solidarity with postal workers,” said Dana Coletti, President of NH Postal Workers Union. “On the Executive Council, he’s been a proven friend to labor by pressing state contractors to increase the wages of their lowest paid employees.”

“We are excited to support a candidate for governor who has actually represented labor unions as an attorney. He represented the NH Retirement Coalition, comprised of teachers, police, troopers, firefighters, and state workers in their challenge to state efforts to undermine employees’ pensions.” said Janice Keible, Legislator Director with the NH Postal Workers Union. “He is a strong believer in the importance of maintaining important public services, including the USPS. Andru is a courageous leader and strategic thinker who pays attention to details. His ability to analyze problems and develop solutions will make him an excellent Governor, and we are proud to support him.”

“As a longtime ally of essential postal workers, I’m honored to have earned the endorsement of the NH Postal Workers Union,” said Volinsky. “This feels so timely as the fight to save the post office has reached new levels of urgency this week, when Donald Trump installed a top donor as the new postmaster general. Our USPS will run out of money between July and September, at which point its ‘operations will cease,’ if Congress doesn’t act quickly. This is deservedly the most popular government agency we have, providing a crucial lifeline to so many communities. Unfortunately, ill-advised laws are saddling the agency with unfair pension liabilities no other public, private sector or nonprofit organization is similarly obligated to fulfill. The crisis facing the postal service is a political one, not one of solvency. On top of that, postal workers are now risking their lives during this pandemic to make sure our citizens can access essential and lifesaving goods. They deserve a champion with the political courage to fight for them and their families. It’s baffling as to why Governor Sununu has shown no effort to protect them from the Trump Administration’s crusade to privatize them. As Governor, I would make sure the message from New Hampshire is ‘We stand with the Postal Service.’

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