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Now you can sign up to join on May 18, 2023, at the State House in downtown Concord, NH for the 21st Annual Rock ‘N Race.

This fun event is a great way to support cancer patients and their families receiving care at Concord Hospital’s Payson Center for Cancer Care HOPE Resource Center. Whether you’re walking, running, or just cheering, we need your help to make this event a success.

That’s why our friends at Runner’s Alley in Concord have organized a beginner 5K training group just for you to help you get in shape. Preparing for a 5K race takes dedication and hard work. Make sure to build up a solid running foundation before race day.

Runner’s Alley runs groups each week for fun runs out of our store locations – get your miles in and meet some new running buddies. In following their mission to support every step, they encourage runners of all paces and abilities to join us on a 3+ mile route once a week year-round. 

This group has a special space in Concord, NH for you. Located in the heart of Concord, 142 North Main Street. This run group heads out to all parts of the city. Runs at a casual pace starting at 6:00 PM on Thursday Nights. 

Now with the May race of the  Rock ‘N Race, around the corner. Runner’s Alley in Concord has organized a beginner 5K training group, they have created a new preparation mode for you to sign up if you need to get to your goals faster.

From March 29th until May 18th you can prepare yourself for the race with them. Wednesdays and Fridays between 6-7 PM for $120.

This included:

– Two coaches.

– Training plan.

– Weekly emails.

– T-Shirt.

– Gear up night 20% off.

– Gifts with purchase.

Also, if you haven’t registered for the race. Click here for all the information you need, including sign-up details, donation information, and volunteering opportunities. 

Registering is easy and fast, so don’t wait – sign up now and join us in the fight against cancer.

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