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In the heart of Concord, a small, vibrant fitness studio is making waves, thanks to its owner, Cassie O’Brien. 

Her journey from a part-time fitness instructor to a successful business owner is a story of passion, wellness, and community spirit.

Worthy Mind & Movement is not just a fitness center; it’s a hub of positivity, inclusivity, and innovation in fitness.

Worthy Mind Movement

Cassie O’Brien, owner and instructor, leading an all-levels yoga class set to throwback hits. Michelle Heath Photography


Cassie’s foray into the world of fitness was not premeditated. She was content with her role as a part-time fitness instructor until the studio she worked at closed down. This unexpected turn of events led her to contemplate her future in the fitness industry. With encouragement from her husband, Rob, during a vacation in Miami, Cassie decided to take a bold step and open her own studio. “It was a lot of work to even get the ball rolling and determine what direction we’d want to take seeing this was something we didn’t foresee happening,” Cassie recalls about the initial days of setting up her business.


Ali Comp, Zumba instructor. Michelle Heath Photography

The transformation of the studio was a total overhaul, involving rebranding and extensive renovations. Cassie’s vision was clear – to create a space that went beyond traditional fitness and yoga studio norms.

Worthy Mind & Movement was born out of the desire to make everyone feel worthy and capable, irrespective of their fitness goals. “We don’t talk about calories or anything like that. We’re very body positive,” Cassie emphasizes.


One of Cassie’s proudest achievements is the community she has built – both in terms of her team and her clients. Her instructors are more than fitness experts; they are compassionate individuals who align with the studio’s mission.

The clientele, too, is diverse and enthusiastic, contributing to a family-like atmosphere. “They’re just nice people, good people,” Cassie says, highlighting the positive interactions that define her studio.


Worthy Mind & Movement stands out for its unique approach to fitness. From yoga classes set to 90s hip-hop to glow nights described as “a rave without the regret,” the studio offers a variety of unconventional classes.

Cassie’s goal is to break the stereotypes around yoga and fitness, making them accessible and enjoyable for all. “Everyone’s a yoga person and no one’s a yoga person,” she playfully notes, challenging the preconceived notions about fitness enthusiasts.


Running a business, especially as a mother of two, is not without its challenges. Cassie admits that finding a balance between her professional and personal life is a work in progress. She aspires to expand the studio’s offerings, hoping to operate classes every day of the week and cater to a broader audience. In five years, Cassie envisions her studio as a well-known community hub, still intimate but with an expanded reach and community involvement.


Photos taken by Birch and Fern Photography at Glow Night


Cassie’s commitment extends beyond fitness; she is actively involved in community service, particularly through the Junior Service League. Her studio often hosts drives and events to support local causes, reflecting her dedication to giving back to the community.


Despite the challenges and the busy schedule, Cassie’s enthusiasm remains undimmed. She is hands-on with her business, always ready to interact with clients and ensure that her studio lives up to its values. “It’s all fun,” she says, summarizing the ethos of Worthy Mind & Movement.

With her leadership, the studio is not just a place to work out; it’s a sanctuary where everyone is encouraged to embrace their worthiness and enjoy the journey of fitness and self-discovery.

Cassie’s story is a testament to the power of taking a chance on oneself. Her journey from a part-time instructor to a beloved business owner in Concord shows that with passion, hard work pays off!

To learn more about Worthy Mind & Movement, you can visit their website here:

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