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Recently, we had the chance to speak with Kimberly D’Agnese, founder and owner of Neverbird Princess Parties, located here in Concord.

Neverbird Princess Parties provides princess performer services for birthday parties, events, fundraisers, or any celebrations that wants a magical and royal experience.

When we asked Kimberly about how she got the idea for Neverbird Princess Parties, she told us that she’s a former Walt Disney World cast member, and grew up with Disney, so it’s something she’s been around for a long time.

Kimberly told us, “I want to make some magical moments for kids. I love the energy when they meet the princess they’ve been wanting to meet, especially when times are trying like these.”

Kimberly also has a lot of theater experience. Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, she was working in California as the stage manager for the national tour of the Broadway musical Chicago.

She tells us that when not on tour, she has a lot of down time. So when she wasn’t on the road, she was working on Neverbird Princess Parties.

When she first started, she picked a costume, and made personalized videos for kids, mostly though Fiverr. Then, after some time, she started to get more requests for in-person events through referrals, social media, and other gig-related websites.

But when theaters had to close due to Coronavirus, she was temporarily laid off, and turned to Neverbird Princess Parties full-time.

While events like birthday parties and visits were limited, she found there was significant demand for her services online.

Kimberly says, “I basically took what thought was an in-person service and turned it completely virtual.”

Now, Neverbird Princess Parties offers a bunch of virtual and socially distant friendly services.

For example, Kimberly offers both live and pre-recorded messages for kids, for birthdays, or special events. These virtual meet and greets, Kimberly says, can be a great way to reward kids for dealing with some of the recent changes in routine so many have had to deal with.

Neverbird Princess Parties provides both driveway visits and low-exposure encounters, which can be a safe and fun option for families looking to treat their kids to a visit from their favorite princess or a play date.

Eventually, when Coronavirus clears, Kimberly hopes to be able to offer all her princess-themed packages. These include Enchanted Meetings, Magical Moments, and a Royal Coronation. Each special service offers Storytimes, Sing-alongs, Autographs, and much more.

Kimberly also mentioned to us that she’s planning her first in-person party with social distancing guidelines in place in two weeks, and is slowly re-opening booking engagements for in-person events.

When we asked Kimberly about some of her and the kids’ favorites, and almost instantly she told us about the popular Snow Queen, Snow Princess, and Beauty Princess, which are fun roles for her, as well as popular favorites for the kids.

Kimberly tells us she has a three more princesses coming soon, a Galactic Princess, Mermaid Princess, and Rapunzel!

To learn more about Neverbird Princess Parties, booking, and pricing, you can visit their website here:

You can also visit and get in touch with Neverbird Princess Parties on social media here:

Or, you can get directly in touch with them via email here:

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