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In this crazy world, Jennifer Kuleza of Manchester, NH tried to think of positive ways she could bring a smile to her daughter during these tough times.

Then, after she acquired three totes of old Halloween costumes from her neighbor she thought of a brilliant plan. When her husband asked what she was going to do with all of those costumes, she knew exactly what to do.

Because her daughters are learning from home via Zoom, one day she decided to show up in the background of her daughters Zoom class in a crazy costume, just casually sweeping the floor. Her daughter cringed with embarrassment but her classmates and teacher loved it.

It’s important for the Kuleszas to remember to be silly at a time that can be scary. Isabella has asthma, a hole in her esophagus, compromised lungs, a connective tissue disorder and an immune deficiency disease. She and her parents know coronavirus could take a toll on her body if she were to contract it and with weekly rides into Boston, it’s important to stay positive.

With over 50 costumes, the Zoom costumes became more and more popular. A walkby here, a quick sighting there, everyone gets a laugh. Even complete strangers have donated costumes including one person who drove nearly an hour to drop some off on the porch.

What started as a little fun in the Kulesza family is bringing the community, and world, together at a time when many feel far apart.

“I think everyone’s really enjoying it,” Kulesza told Boston 25 News. “It’s not just making my kids laugh. It’s bringing a lot of laughter to a lot of other people, too, which is important at this time, because we need to bond together and laugh together.”

Not only is Jennifer providing laughs to her daughters’ school Zoom lessons in costume, she is also providing laughs to kids and teachers, as well as complete strangers on social media.

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