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I, Eli Clemmer, candidate for US Congress in New Hampshire’s second district, firmly support our second amendment rights.

New Hampshire’s state house has once again tried to pass a string of Red Flag Laws. It is time for our state to take a stand: red flag laws are a serious concern for New Hampshire. They needlessly and recklessly endanger American lives and liberty as well as violating our second amendment.

New Hampshire is a state that values the freedom of the individual. That freedom includes the right to bear arms and protect oneself and loved ones against threats. Our liberty-minded gun laws are among the most open in the country, and they allow people to protect themselves. New Hampshire consistently ranks as one of the top three safest states to live in, a ranking backed by FBI data. This shows that most people who choose to defend themselves with a gun never have to fire it–simply having one is enough to keep evildoers at bay. Our firearm accessibility has not endangered us. It has protected us, and will continue to do so until the day our government decides it has the power to strip us of our God-given rights. Clearly, New Hampshire proves that gun ownership, not control, leads to safety for all.

We have seen the effects of red flag laws in many cases around the United States. A resentful ex, your old roommate or a coworker with a grudge can file a report against you to strip you of your rights. This guilty-until proven innocent mentality is the opposite of what our American court system is based upon. Victims of red-flag-law confiscation have their legally owned property seized and must foot expensive legal battles to prove their innocence to reclaim their property. This effectively hurts the poor and impoverished gun owners who cannot afford the legal costs to regain their property

Red flag laws are usually seen as a stepping stone for increased gun control measures. We are not California. Nor do we have violence-stricken cities such as Chicago and Detroit. Our state has a strong history of following the constitution throughout our nation’s history, and we need to protect our liberty for future generations. As your congressman, I will fight for New Hampshire gun owners.

Live Free.

Eli Clemmer

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