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Clemmer for Congress Excluded by WMUR’s Adam Sexton 

Clemmer for Congress 


Berlin, NH: Despite a strong grassroots movement and enthusiasm for Eli Clemmer’s campaign, WMUR’s Adam Sexton has not responded to multiple attempts to reach out by Clemmer for Congress in regards to having Eli Clemmer appear on their Facebook Live Streams and CloseUp interviews. Additionally, on August 9th, 2020, Adam Sexton said on CloseUp, “It’s deja-vu all over again in the 2nd Congressional District for Republicans as they have two candidates to choose from in their primary, and both ran in 2018.” This is the latest in a series of mis-statements as to the 2nd Congressional Race made by Adam Sexton, who also mis-stated facts about the 2018 Republican primary in his August 14th, 2020 broadcast. 

Clemmer For Congress has attempted to contact Adam Sexton towards appearing on WMUR for interviews as well as the 2nd Congressional District debate that has been planned. Additionally, members of the New Hampshire GOP have also reached out to Adam Sexton to discuss this exclusion. This includes two other 2nd Congressional District candidates, who have both appeared on WMUR: Steve Negron and Lynne Blankenbeker. On the night of Friday, August 21st in support of fair elections, they, along with General Don Bolduc, candidate for U.S. Senate, publicly stated their support for Eli Clemmer to appear on the WMUR debate. 

New Hampshire’s Republicans deserve the right to be accurately informed in selecting their candidate for November’s general election. As a supporter of fair elections, Eli Clemmer has vocally spoken against censorship, unethical media, and the establishment rigging of elections. 


About: Eli Clemmer lives with his wife in New Hampshire’s North Country, and is ready to defend New Hampshire citizens’ Rights and Freedom in D.C. He works as a media specialist and holds two Master’s degrees, the most recent in Information Science, and plans to bring his expertise to help protect American freedom in an increasingly digital world. 

Contact: General inquiries: Clemmer for Congress team Phone: (603) 728-7981 Email:

Scheduling & Events: Mark Evans

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