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Jim Valiquet, candidate for Merrimack County Sheriff in New Hampshire has received a surge in recent endorsements from local members of the community.

According to the campaign website,, four new endorsements have been released over the weekend.

Mike Baillargeon, Secretary of NH Police, Fire and EMS Foundation, says, “Jim is a very caring individual, is highly qualified in the law enforcement field, and would be a great resource as Sheriff of Merrimack County.”

This rest of Mike Baillargeon’s endorsement can be read here:

Christopher J. Olsen, Bradford NH interim Fire Chief, has said, “After reading through James Valiquet’s resume, you will notice his background is filled with dedication, commitment and integrity needed to get the job done. What I have noticed, is his approach to every task comes with a problem-solving, effective and efficient attitude. He enjoys the challenge of a difficult job, and is willing to do whatever it takes, to accomplish it within a timely manner. Above all, he believes transparency is an import building block, which is required to develop a solid foundation of trust for those who work together.”

The rest of Christopher J. Olsen’s endorsement of Chief Valiquet can be read here:

John J. Barthemes, previous Director of the NH State Police and Commissioner of NH Department of Safety, has also written in support of Valiquet, saying, “It is important that the next Merrimack County Sheriff possess the requisite skills, experience and personal attributes to lead the department in these challenging times. The Jim Valiquet I have worked with, is a person of integrity and a leader committed to doing what is right, not what is popular or expedient. He has excellent interpersonal skills and understands the importance of building relationships and trust with the citizens he serves.”

Read the rest of John J. Barthemes statement here:

And, Glen Drewniak, former Police Officer of Newbury NH, and current Police Officer of Bradford, NH, has said, “I can think of no better person for that position than Chief James Valiquet. I have known him for 20 years. He hired me when I started my Law Enforcement career in 2000, he is a fair and equitable leader who puts the welfare of his employees and the citizens he serves above his own. Over that past 20 years that I have known him he has helped me navigate some difficult times both personally and professionally even when I was not working for him.

Glen Drewniak’s endorsement can be read in full here:

There is a clear broad range of support across Merrimack County for Jim Valiquet for Sheriff. With the New Hampshire Primary Election only 17 days away, it’s crunch time for candidates to get their message out and connect with voters.

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