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As someone who has grown up in New Hampshire, I truly appreciate the benefits of living in Granite State. Our ‘Live Free or Die’ attitude and tax-free economic approach hold many benefits for not just current residents, but future generations as well.
After seeing the pandemic’s economic downfalls, it was concerning to see other states failing small businesses and the financial needs of communities. I am happy to say New Hampshire was not one of those states due to our Republican leadership and guidance from Governor Chris Sununu. Their efforts allowed for a groundbreaking budget to be passed, encouraging small business growth, education expansion for low-income families, and tax cuts! And despite Democrat disbelief, they even organized a paid family leave program that doesn’t force a tax burden on other Granite Staters.
Thanks to all of our state reps for working hard to represent NH residents honestly, we appreciate your hard work to deliver new community benefits. Additionally, thank you to our Governor Chris Sununu who not only helped facilitate and provide a second voice to these programs but for balancing pandemic obstacles so effectively. Without such strong leadership, New Hampshire may have taken a terrible turn in the wrong direction.
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