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Our state budget, like any, is a series of choices and a strong indication of the government’s priorities. Governor Sununu proposed the most transformational budget for New Hampshire families in history, and it is already delivering results.

For young families, seniors in retirement, to small businesses just getting started, this budget cuts taxes across the board. While New Hampshire had never imposed state or sales income tax, Governor Sununu has completely eliminated the interest and dividends tax and lowered the meals and rooms tax.

Over the next ten years, this budget is projected to provide over $1 billion in tax savings for Granite Staters. Yet, it is important to remember that Democrats in Concord voted against common-sense tax cuts.

In the long run, low-tax states perform better than those with out-of-touch tax and spend policies. New Hampshire does well to plan not just for today, but for tomorrow so that our children won’t have to pay for wasteful government spending years down the road.

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