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New Hampshire is a glorious place to grow up. From our stunning mountains to beautiful beaches and lakes, there are plenty of land features to enjoy. But it’s not only the land that makes our state such a pleasant place to live but our values and policies too. With the motto ‘Live Free or Die’ everyone knows that NH residents support freedom and small government. We encourage small businesses and appreciate individual mentalities. This is our Granite State.


Unfortunately, there are progressive democrat groups that see these social and economic freedoms as inhibiting. They would rather allow governing bodies to enforce the way Granite Staters live their lives. Many of them aren’t even from New Hampshire, being paid by dark money groups to push NH’s youth into their folds. The only way to combat this is to fight back and get involved.

New Hampshire Republicans are only as strong as their base, and we must continue to advocate for our Representatives and the positive policies they put into practice. Our Republican reps protect our children from discrimination, expanded access to education, and made sure NH Dems were unable to push an income tax. We can’t stop supporting our Republican reps because they show up for us every day, the least we can do is show up for them at the polls.

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