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This spring we saw the amazing results of Republican leadership here in the Granite State. From helping low-income families through school choice, to provide financial relief to small businesses, they truly went above and beyond expectations. This kind of thoughtful leadership helped New Hampshire navigate last year’s pandemic, and Governor Chris Sununu worked overtime to ensure the state would survive the pressures that resulted. This is the dedicated leadership I would like to see continued here in New Hampshire, which is why I will be casting my ballot for Linda Camarota on September 7th.

Linda has previous experience representing us, already having been elected as our state rep in the past (before taking a break from the office to take time with family). Before being a state rep, Linda served on our school board, assisting in enhancing the education system her own children attended. I appreciate that Linda already hosts experience with our town and the position of State Representative, no learning curve is required.


Please join me in supporting Linda Camarota for the Bedford Special election, she is qualified, she is capable, and she will represent us honorably.

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