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Students’ safety concerns arise as the gas station project opposite Concord High School raises traffic hazards.

Concord School District opposes a proposed gas station and convenience store across from Concord High School.

During a meeting last week, the school board members unanimously decided to challenge the decision made by the Concord Planning Board in February, which granted a conditional use permit to Nouria Energy Corporation to establish a gas station and convenience store at the intersection of Pleasant and Warren Streets, directly opposite Concord High. ArckTej Realty owns the property, which previously accommodated a Gulf gas station and convenience store until its closure in 2020.

School District officials fear the gas station could increase traffic near Concord High, endangering student safety.

School Board Members Meetings

One of the members expressed concern that the gas station makes it more tempting for students to cross the area. He said, “I am aware students frequently cross that area.”

While Concord High and the Concord Regional Technical Center enforce a “closed campus” policy, mandating that students must remain within school premises throughout the day, there is an increase in pedestrian traffic during the arrival and dismissal times, which could pose a challenge.

Warren Street has two crosswalks connecting Concord High School, one of which is a few yards from the gas station.

At the Planning Board’s meeting held on February 15th, City Planner Heather Shank and the city engineering staff raised concerns regarding the proposal, owing to the project’s vehicle-centric design, which is intended for a small triangular piece of land situated on a busy intersection.

Community members at planning and recent school board meetings expressed concerns about student safety.

On Monday, School Board member Pamela Walsh expressed concern about the planning board’s decision despite the recommendation of the city’s planning staff.

Opposite Concord High, an Irving gas station and Circle K convenience store already exist.

The School Board intends to file its appeal before March 17th.

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