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Transform Dojo Concord NH

Transform Your Life At TransformDojo in 2021

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jacob, the owner of TransformDojo in Concord, New Hampshire about his Kenpo karate business and why he chose to open it. Me; having zero karate experience, really wanted to get down to the basics. What exactly does TransformDojo stand for? Well to start, Jacob let me know that...

Stay at Home 2.0

Stay-at-Home 2.0 Goes to Court

On Friday, May 15, Governor Sununu extended New Hampshire’s state of emergency a third time, through June 5, 2020. Since first pronouncing a state of emergency nearly two months ago, the governor has issued 40 decrees that profoundly affected virtually every aspect of life in New Hampshire.   Retail stores, manufacturing, hotels and tourism, recreation,...

Governor Sununu Scheduling Conflict Freedom Rally

Letter: Freedom Rally in Concord Draws 600

By Marcy Charette    May 2, 2020 They were business owners.   They were the newly unemployed.  They were those fortunate enough to still have a job in the Age of COVID.  They were church-goers and the unchurched, Millennials and Baby Boomers and everything in between.  They were singles and families.   They were blond, brunette,...

Governor Sununu Stay at Home 2.0

Sununu Unveils “Stay-At-Home 2.0” for NH Coronavirus Response

CONCORD, NH — On Friday, May 1st, 2020, Governor Chris Sununu announced the modified “stay-at-home” Executive Order that is now scheduled to expire May 31, 2020. The first phase starts May 4, wit h a “responsible, phased-in approach to resuming healthcare services.” This measure reinstates the ability for medical facilities to provide elective and non-urgent...