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Concord, New Hampshire – When selecting a new place to live, Americans prioritize access to quality schools, healthcare, and employment opportunities.

According to U.S. News & World Report’s annual ranking of the best states, some states outperform others in serving their residents and supporting their communities. New Hampshire placed 6th out of 50 states in the 2023 rankings.

Utah is the top-ranked state in the nation according to the 2023 rankings. The state achieved the position by placing in the top 20 states in seven categories. Washington is ranked No. 2 and Idaho is ranked No. 3.

More than 70 variables from eight categories—health care, education, the economy, infrastructure, opportunity, fiscal stability, criminal activity and jail time, and the environment—are used by U.S. News to rank each state. The weighted average of the state’s ranks in the eight categories serves as the basis for the state’s overall ranking.

Researchers claim that some areas, such as education and healthcare, are given more weight in the rankings because people value them more.

The results for New Hampshire in the eight categories are listed below:

Health care: 17th

Education: 19th

Economy: 4th

Infrastructure: 30th

Opportunity: 1st

Fiscal stability: 41st

Crime and corrections: 1st

Natural environment: 8th

Top-performing states in each category include:

Health care: Hawaii

Education: Florida

Economy: Utah

Infrastructure: Minnesota

Opportunity: New Hampshire

Fiscal stability: Utah

Crime and corrections: New Hampshire

Natural environment: Hawaii

According to this year’s statistics, the national mortality rate climbed by 23% between 2019 and 2020, going from 715.2 per 100,000 to 879.7 per 100,000. Citing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers claimed that COVID-19, cancer, and heart disease were the main causes of death in each state.

West Virginia had the highest mortality rate in 2022, while Hawaii had the lowest.

The research from this year also uncovered structural issues with state-level equality. Men are 90% less likely to be employed than women in every state. Black, Hispanic, Indigenous, and other people of color only make 63.9 cents for every dollar made by white workers.

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