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White Park in Concord is set to unveil an exhilarating addition this summer – a state-of-the-art splash pad. 

The new splash pad replaces the kiddie pool and features aquatic ornaments, tumble buckets, surface sprays, and a refurbished mushroom raindrop.

This upgrade ensures endless family-friendly fun for visitors of all ages, promising a delightful recreational experience for years to come.

Pool Renovation 

This remarkable transformation marks the fifth pool renovation in Concord’s ongoing commitment to enhancing all community swimming pools. The recent completion of the Merrill Park pool in 2021 was a resounding success. Replacing the old pool with a splash pad extends the usability, reduces staffing needs, and enhances inclusivity.

The construction journey commenced in August 2022 with the removal of the old pool. Concord’s General Services Public Properties Division collaborated with esteemed partners such as the H.L. Turner Group, South Shore Gunite Pools & Spas, Milestone Construction, Apex Enterprises, Tasker Landscaping, and Raymond’s Excavation to bring the renovation to fruition.

New Project

The project involved the installation of new piping, filtration systems, pumps, and an underground storage tank. To ensure optimal water chemistry, an automated chlorine system was implemented, complemented by a UV light system for enhanced disinfection. Landscaping was enhanced with new plants, mulch, and a repurposed stone.

The public properties division’s dedicated staff handled electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and painting work with utmost care. Notable improvements encompass updated bathroom facilities, lighting upgrades, water-conserving showers, and an upgraded drinking water fountain equipped with a dual fountain and bottle refill station. The facility building façades were improved with new trim, complementing the aesthetic of the Merrimack Lodge and unifying the park’s appearance.

Join us for the official ribbon-cutting and grand opening of the new splash pad on Thursday, June 15, 2023, from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. This event unites the community to celebrate the thrilling addition to White Park.

Grand Opening

After the grand opening, the splash pad will open for the season on Saturday, June 17. Additionally, Concord’s community swimming pools will open their doors on Sunday, June 18. As the Concord Parks and Recreation team continues to expand its staff, seasonal hours for the pools and splash pad will be regularly updated and available on the official website:

Residents of Concord and Penacook can enjoy free access to the pools and splash pad by presenting their valid ID. Non-residents can buy a season pass for $125 or a 48-hour pass for $20, providing access to all pool locations. Passes are conveniently available for purchase at the City Wide Community Center, located at 14 Canterbury Road.

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