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As temperatures rise this week, Granite Staters, are getting a taste of what the summer might be like. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted that the state could have a very hot summer.

The federal agency says there is a 50–60% chance that New England, including New Hampshire, will have a hotter summer than usual. This news fits in with NOAA’s larger prediction that most of the US will have warmer-than-average weather this season. Also, these high temperatures are projected to last longer than the summer, through the rest of 2023 and even beyond.

Scientists agree that the climate is changing, and these predictions are in line with what Granite Staters should expect. Like many other places, New Hampshire is getting warmer, and high heat is happening more and more often. State health experts say that the number of days each year when the heat index is over 90 degrees has doubled, going from 8 days to 15 days. This is a big change from 1980 when it was only 8 days. These numbers point to a worrying pattern.

Key Findings from Recent Studies

The most recent climate study for the state was done in 2021. It shows that if the world keeps using fossil fuels, the future will be scary. By the end of the century, it could be hotter than 90 degrees for up to 60 days a year in New Hampshire. This grim prediction shows how important it is to find clean energy solutions and work to stop climate change as soon as possible.

Stay safe this summer in the Granite State as temperatures rise to potentially record-breaking levels. Make heat safety your utmost priority by staying hydrated, seeking shade, and minimizing exposure to extreme heat.

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