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CONCORD, NH, September 18th, 2023 — The Department of Education in the state of New Hampshire is providing 77 schools with a total of $713,601 to fund robotics programs for the kids in those schools.

“This is such an incredible opportunity for a lot of schools across the state that are eager to establish robotics teams and participate in competitive events. There are a lot of schools across the state.” According to Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut, “This initiative will not only motivate students in public and charter schools to potentially pursue careers in STEM, but it will also help build critical life and work-related skills – all while students are having fun and connecting with their teammates.”

School Goals

Grants are being given out to schools in order to facilitate the expansion of existing robotics programs and the creation of new programs for schools that have not yet begun offering robotics teams. The funding will be used to purchase robotics kits, components, and tools, as well as pay for registration fees, competition fees, transportation to events, team shirts, and stipends for coaches or advisors. Additionally, the funding will be used to pay for any fees associated with the competition. The amount of a school’s grant might range anywhere from $2,000 to $14,850, depending on what the institution requires.

Some of the funds will be used to begin drone programs at particular schools, including the Cooperative Middle School in the Exeter Region Cooperative School District. These programs will be in addition to the robotics programs that will be put in place.

According to the grant proposal submitted by the school, “For the 2023-2024 school year, (Cooperative Middle School) is growing the school’s robotics program by adding a CoDrones program for students who wish to participate in the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation’s Aerial Drone Competition.” “The Aerial Drone Competition is an exciting educational drone sporting event that focuses on hands-on, student-centered learning.

The competition is held at several locations across the country. Teams will increase their knowledge of programming, drones, flight principles, documentation, and communication skills while broadening their understanding of and interest in career options relating to drones.

The Pittsburg School District – Robotics Experience

According to the grant proposal, the Pittsburg School District, which does not presently provide a robotics program, plans to establish a holistic robotics experience that blends coding, technology, and creativity.

This will be accomplished through the implementation of a robotics lab. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of robotics design, coding principles, and problem-solving by participating in hands-on projects that are part of the CoderZ educational program. According to what is written in the application, “This program will serve as a gateway for students to explore STEM subjects in a practical and engaging way.”

The total cash from the grant will be used to assist a variety of projects, including CoderZ, VEX Robotics, FIRST Robotics, and content involving drones.

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