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Recently, our team had the opportunity to meet virtually with Sean O’Kane, Vice President and Managing Director of The Hotel Concord.

The independent hotel is the only AAA 4-diamond award winning in the region, and one of nine in New Hampshire. Filled with amenities and posh spaces, the new hotel offers an experience for travelers unmatched by others in the area.

Sean mentioned that right now, dealing with the recent Coronavirus outbreak and making sure guests and staff are safe is the top-priority. They have ramped up already diligent sanitation efforts, and are actively practicing social distancing, as well as making sure no staff showing signs of illness are working. Additionally, per Executive Order by Governor Sununu, The Hotel Concord is only taking bookings by phone call only.

Sean also says “Every item or space a guest or staff member comes into contact with is sanitized, that goes for doorknobs, remotes, counter tops, soda machines, everything.”

While the hotel industry nationwide is experiencing significant pullbacks, travel is restricted, as well as spending, and many businesses enacting work from home policies. Events such as conferences are canceled, which has left spacious meeting rooms empty for the time being.

However, like many of us, Sean is working to staying positive. He says the Hotel Concord is committed to staying open, as while there have been cancellations, there are still people in need of rooms.

And the rooms at the Hotel Concord are something to be admired.

Each has a unique look and feel, with spaces that range from 300 to 600 square feet. One look around the rooms, and it’s clear the Hotel Concord provides a premium product.

Equipped with a full gym, fireplaces, expansive tech-laden conference rooms, and a full bar area, the The Hotel Concord has a plush feeling and all the comforts of a 4-diamond hotel.

Sean said, “The Hotel Concord would work beautifully in Boston in terms of quality and expectations,” and we can see why. The luxury boutique hotel brings a new and welcome premium presence to downtown Concord.

The Hotel Concord is also conveniently located in the same building as O’s Steak & Seafoods,  a local favorite for high-quality meals and drinks, which can be brought directly to a guest’s room as room service. The hotel also offers some getaway and spa specials, including shopping and movie nights with the Red River Theatres next door.

To get in touch with The Hotel Concord, you can visit their website here: or by calling, (603) 504-3500.

You can also visit The Hotel Concord on Trip Advisor here.

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