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This month, the city of Manchester was confronted with a devious jewelry thief who attacked not one but two prestigious jewelry stores in the city. Officials are currently looking for a lone man suspected of being the common culprit who used a bold snatch-and-grab approach to steal gold chains.

This person was caught on security cameras carrying out his illegal operations at both Day’s Jewelers on March Avenue and Market Square Jewelers on Elm Street. Surprisingly, these targeted establishments are located within a three-mile radius of each other, indicating a deliberate approach to his criminal activities.

The first incident occurred on a fateful Saturday when the suspect entered Day’s Jewelers as a possible customer and indicated an interest in viewing the available gold chains. Taking advantage of a brief moment of distraction, he took one of the prized products and fled the scene, perplexing the store employees.

Three days later, the daring thief reappeared, displaying a constant mode of operation. On a seemingly normal Tuesday, he boldly entered Market Square Jewelers, repeating his previous request to inspect the gold chains. He once again executed a lightning-fast grab-and-dash action, making a quick getaway from the institution with trained efficiency.

Authorities have obtained descriptions of the suspect from watchful employees, who describe him as a Caucasian male around 35 to 39 with short brown hair and a noticeable quantity of facial stubble. These data are crucial to the continuing investigation and will aid law enforcement in their efforts to catch the elusive jewelry thief.

Public Collaboration

The Manchester Police Department has issued a public call for collaboration in light of recent incidents. Citizens with relevant information about the suspect or the incidents are strongly invited to come forward and help with the investigation. Manchester Detective Andrew Choi, who may be reached at 603-792-5514, is the official point of contact. 

All footage was provided by the Manchester Police Department.

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