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With the holiday season fast approaching, the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree is on the minds of many residents in Concord and Penacook. However, as we gear up for the festive tradition, there are some noteworthy changes to be aware of, particularly in the pricing and availability of live trees.

Last year, the median price for trees purchased directly from growers averaged around $93, according to data from However, industry experts anticipate a shift in prices this year, with a 10 percent increase reported in 2022. This rise is attributed to a combination of factors, primarily inflation and drought conditions affecting tree farms.

The impact of extreme weather patterns, including both drought and excess moisture, is expected to persist into the 2023 Christmas season. A report from Country Folks Grower, a business-to-business publication focusing on fresh market and ornamental crops, suggests that these weather challenges may lead to slightly higher prices for Christmas trees this year.

The American Christmas Tree Association conducted a survey revealing that 94 percent of Americans plan to put up a Christmas tree, with 23 percent opting for a live tree. This underscores the enduring popularity of live trees despite changing market conditions.

At present, approximately 350 million Christmas trees are growing on tree farms across the nation. However, consumers may encounter shifts in availability, especially concerning larger trees measuring 7 feet and taller. The demand for smaller trees in recent years has impacted the supply of larger ones. Additionally, some individuals may need to be flexible with their preferred tree species due to market dynamics.

It’s essential for those planning to purchase a live Christmas tree to stay informed about these changes. As the landscape of the industry evolves, local tree growers in Concord and Penacook will undoubtedly play a crucial role in ensuring residents have access to beautiful trees for their holiday celebrations.

Here are a few places to start:

Rossview Farm in Concord

Langlais Family Tree Farm in Penacook Village

Colby Tree Farm in Boscawen

Sowle’s Christmas Tree Farm in Dunbarton

Crow Valley Farm in Hopkinton

Grandpa’s Farm in Loudon

Donaghey Tree Farm in Pembroke

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