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At Pradny Medicine & Aesthetics, located just a stone’s throw away from South Bend, IN, Bethann Pradny AG-ACNP BC, and Matous Pradny M.D. are pioneering a unique approach to wellness. 

Bethann Pradny AG-ACNP BC

Bethann Pradny AG-ACNP BC

Their practice combines medical expertise with aesthetic enhancements, aiming not just to treat but to transform lives through a concept they’ve termed “happiness units.” This innovative metric is at the heart of their mission: to boost patients’ overall well-being by improving how they feel on the inside and how they look on the outside.

Bethann Pradny, who specializes in the aesthetic dimension of health, explains, “Our treatments are not just about looking better. They’re about feeling more confident, more like yourself. It’s about that inner glow that shines when you’re truly happy with your appearance.” This philosophy is embodied in their range of services, which includes everything from dermal fillers for cheeks and marionette lines to toxin treatments for forehead lines and crow’s feet.

Matous Pradny M.D. - Medical Director

Matous Pradny M.D. – Medical Director

Matous Pradny adds a medical perspective, “We don’t just focus on the external. Our aim is to address health comprehensively, considering both the physical and emotional aspects. Our approach is about maximizing what we call ‘happiness units’—a measure of well-being that truly resonates with our patients.”

Pradny Medicine & Aesthetics offers a suite of services designed to meet a wide range of needs. Their toxin treatments, for example, target areas prone to signs of aging, like the forehead, eyebrows, and around the eyes, using botulinum toxin to give a more youthful and relaxed appearance. On the other hand, their dermal fillers help restore volume and smooth out wrinkles, with immediate results that last up to a year.

Innovative treatments such as Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) for hair restoration and microneedling, and the use of bio-fillers like Plasma Gel, showcase their commitment to utilizing cutting-edge techniques to achieve the best outcomes. Their lip enhancements, stem cell growth factor microneedling, and the Perfect Dermal Peel exemplify their broad approach to beauty and rejuvenation.

The practice also addresses more than just cosmetic concerns. Their weight loss program, utilizing Semaglutide and Tirzepatide, underlines their commitment to tackling health issues that impact their patients’ happiness and self-esteem.

For those seeking reversal of past treatments, Pradny Medicine & Aesthetics offers Hyaluronic Acid Filler dissolving, allowing patients to restore their original appearance confidently.

Bethann and Matous Pradny invite anyone looking to enhance their well-being to book an appointment and explore how their unique blend of medical and aesthetic services can lead to a happier, more vibrant life. “It’s about feeling your best,” Bethann says, “and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.”


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