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In an exciting development for Subway enthusiasts and home cooks alike, Subway has ventured beyond its renowned sandwich shops to bring its signature sauces to grocery store shelves across the United States. This innovative move was made possible through a strategic licensing partnership brokered by award-winning brand licensing agency,  Broad Street Licensing Group (BSLG), marking a significant step in making Subway’s beloved flavors more accessible to consumers.

A Tasty Collaboration with T. Marzetti Company

Subway’s collaboration with the respected T. Marzetti Company introduces four of Subway’s most popular sauces to the retail market. The sauce line includes Sweet Onion Teriyaki, Roasted Garlic Aioli, Baja Chipotle, and Creamy Italian MVP. Packaged in convenient 16-ounce bottles, offering a perfect blend of convenience and the authentic Subway taste that fans know and love.

Where to Find Them

Starting next week, these delightful sauces will be available in select grocery and retail stores nationwide, including giants Walmart, Kroger, and Albertson’s. The rollout plan is ambitious, with more stores expected to join the roster, ensuring that Subway fans everywhere can enjoy their favorite flavors right at home.

More Than Just Sauces

In addition to bringing Subway’s flavors into kitchens across the country, the partnership serves a greater purpose. Each purchase of Subway’s bottled sauces supports the Fresh Start Scholarship Fund, a commendable initiative offering tuition assistance to Subway restaurant employees pursuing secondary education. To date, the program has awarded over 1,700 scholarships, demonstrating Subway’s commitment to empowering its team.

Recipes and Inspiration

Recognizing the versatility of these sauces, Subway and T. Marzetti have also crafted unique recipes that showcase the potential of each sauce. From Asian Chicken Bowls to Grilled Shrimp Salsa, these recipes aim to inspire consumers to explore new culinary territories with Subway’s signature flavors.

Broad Street Licensing Group: A Catalyst for Brand Expansion

The partnership between Subway and T. Marzetti Company is a testament to the expertise and industry acumen of brand licensing agency, Broad Street Licensing Group. Celebrating over 27 years of excellence, BSLG has been pivotal in the landscape of food and beverage brand licensing. With a client roster featuring notable names like Subway, Tony Roma’s, and Burger King to name a few, BSLG has generated over a billion dollars in retail revenue worldwide through their innovative licensing deals.

The BSLG Difference

BSLG stands out not only for its ability to broker significant brand licensing deals but also for its commitment to creating impactful brand experiences. BSLG’s approach goes beyond transactions, focusing on developing products that embody the brand’s essence and resonate with consumers. This dedication to excellence and innovation is what positions BSLG as a leader in the field of food and beverage licensing.

Looking Ahead

As Subway’s sauces make their way to grocery stores nationwide, it’s clear that the partnership brokered by Broad Street Licensing Group is just the beginning of bringing beloved restaurant flavors to retail. This initiative not only broadens Subway’s reach but also sets a precedent for how brands can extend their presence beyond traditional outlets.

For brands looking to explore the possibilities of licensing, BSLG is ready to guide the way. With their unparalleled expertise and strategic approach, Broad Street Licensing Group helps brands  achieve new heights of retail success and consumer engagement.

To discover more about Broad Street Licensing Group and how they can help your brand thrive through brand licensing, visit their website at

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