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MELA Medical Spa

MELA Medical Spa Founders, Brittany Perez & Katie Reber

Recently, our team had a chance to sit down with Brittany Perez and Katie Reber, founders and owners of MELA Medical Spa and Method Aesthetics Academy in Pensacola, Florida. At the core of MELA and Method’s philosophy lies a commitment to nurturing team well-being and fostering professional growth.

Can you provide a brief history of your business?

Katie Reber and I founded MELA Medical Spa in June 2023, merging our expertise in plastic surgery with advanced clinical nursing. Our vision prioritizes team well-being and professional growth, ensuring top-tier patient care. We know when our staff needs are met, our patient’s needs will be met, too.

We started Method Aesthetics Academy with the goal of helping the industry improve, which is why we’re proud to provide the kind of hands-on educational experience that was missing from so many other certification programs. Simply put, we have an intrinsic love for aesthetics, and we’re ready to train the next generation of experts. Our hands-on courses allow participants to master the procedures with expert guidance, ensuring they feel confident and competent in their abilities.

At MELA, we design personalized 12-month care plans and offer ongoing skincare guidance to align with patient goals. The MELA team aims to build life-long relationships with our patients to provide continuity of care and natural results.

Our Mission Statement: “We are committed to elevating our patients’ confidence and nurturing long-term relationships built on trust. Using our extensive training and artistic vision, we will cultivate a personalized care plan that focuses on achieving natural results, tailored specifically to each patient.”

As we steer MELA forward, our commitment to professionalism and innovation remains unwavering. We aim to redefine industry standards, leaving a lasting impact on patient care.

At Method Aesthetics Academy, we’re proud to offer our expert guidance for aspiring aesthetic practitioners in a relaxing environment, where our intimate class sizes never exceed 12 students. Learning in our space allows you to focus on your education while also letting you get a feel for what it’s like to work in the industry.

Method Aesthetics Academy

The Team at Method Aesthetics Academy

What aspect of your business are you most proud of?

I am proud of the culture we have fostered at MELA and Method Aesthetics Academy. We built our team based on putting the team’s personal growth at the core of our values. We offer frequent team building activities outside of the office and training events to help the team level up their medical aesthetic skills. I love that we have created an environment where they can flourish both professionally and personally.

What do you find most rewarding about running your business?

The most rewarding part of owning a business is the tangible impact you can have on another person’s life by creating opportunities and instilling confidence. It is watching my vision come to life while finding creative ways to overcome challenges. It is having an open ceiling to innovation and endless opportunities for growth.

What are the primary challenges your business currently faces?

The ongoing challenge as a new business is adaptability. The business continues to evolve and grow, and with that comes new challenges and opportunities.

How does your business engage with the local community?

Both MELA and Method aim to support female-based organizations within the community that are in line with our mission to instill confidence in women. We are looking forward to working with our local Chamber of Commerce to identify organizations in need.

MELA Medical Spa

The Team at MELA Medical Spa


How do you maintain work/life balance within your company?

Maintaining work/life balance is an ongoing goal that takes continuous thought. I use an app in my phone to identify family time versus work hours to ensure I am at my best no matter where my time is spent.

Where do you see your company in five years?

We see our company scaling to multiple locations while continuing to keep our values at the top of mind. We want women throughout the US to feel the confidence our team at MELA and Method AA helps instill.

To learn more about MELA Medical Spa and book an appointment, you can find their website here:

And for hands-on aesthetics training, visit Method Aesthetics Academy here:

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