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Never Bird Princess Parties

Chatting about Neverbird Princess Parties with Kimberly D’Agnese

Recently, we had the chance to speak with Kimberly D’Agnese, founder and owner of Neverbird Princess Parties, located here in Concord. Neverbird Princess Parties provides princess performer services for birthday parties, events, fundraisers, or any celebrations that wants a magical and royal experience. When we asked Kimberly about how she got the idea for Neverbird...

Mulberry Creek Imagery

Getting The Full Picture With Aaron From Mulberry Creek Imagery

Recently, we had spoke with Aaron Baker, owner and founder of Mulberry Creek Imagery. Mulberry Creek Imagery is a photography service located here in Concord, New Hampshire. Recently, they changed from being a full-service photography service to focusing on portraits – pets, high school seniors, family, and business. We asked Aaron to tell us a bit about how...

Top Dog Critter Sitters Concord NH

Chris From Top Dog Critter Sitters In Concord Is On The Move!

Recently we had the chance to speak with Chris Fogg, owner and founder of Top Dog Critter Sitters in Concord, NH. As a local Concord business, we were interested to speak with Chris and his experience running Top Dog Critter Sitters. Chris told us he opened up in March of 2019, after many requests from...

The Operative Podcast

Talking Political Strategy with Ross and BJ from The Operative

Last week, we had the chance to speak with Ross Berry and BJ Perry, founders of The Operative, a political and educational podcast where they discuss ideas, tools, and strategies for political operatives and candidates. Both Ross and BJ come from political backgrounds, working on campaigns or as vendors for campaigns. This has given them...

V12 Marketing Social Media Marketing Hacks in Concord NH

5 Social Media Marketing Tips From V12 Marketing

Local marketing agency, V12 Marketing, is back with a few more tips to keep your business growing. This time, they have a few special hacks for social media marketing. As you may know, social media is one of the most important areas of a business to be spending their marketing budgets. Here’s a sneak peek...

Granite State Credit Union, Concord NH

A New Normal At Granite State Credit Union

Life at Granite State Credit Union may look a little bit different due to COVID19, but that doesn’t mean the quality of customer service will differ. I had the opportunity to sit down with Jody Ducharme, AVP – Sales & Marketing, to talk about the effects of the pandemic on business at Granite State.  As...

Fellowship Housing Opportunities, Concord NH

Talking with Nancy about Fellowship Housing Opportunities

Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with Nancy Egner, Executive Director of a non-profit organization, Fellowship Housing Opportunities, Inc., in Concord, NH. For those that are not familiar with the Fellowship Housing Opportunities, the organization has been providing affordable housing and support to chronically mentally ill adults in Concord since 1966. Initially called “Opportunity House,”...

Concord For Hometown Heroes Banners

Matthew From Concord For Hometown Heroes Banners

A couple weeks ago, we had the privilege of getting to speak with Matthew Wieczhalek-Seiler, owner and founder of Concord For Hometown Heroes Banners, in Concord NH. Matthew shared an inspiring story with us. He started Concord For Hometown Heroes Banners on September 11, 2018 and has grown the movement to placing his banners in 9...