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Eli Clemmer for Congress NH

Letter to the Editor: Reopening New Hampshire

There’s been a lot of fear circulating around COVID19 lately, and it’s split between fear of the virus itself and fear of the unintended consequences of the lasting shutdown. I, Eli Clemmer, candidate for the U.S. Congress in the 2nd district, realize that there was good reason to be cautious with something so unknown and...

Concord Sentinel Concord NH

Letter to the Editor: Concord City Officials Need To Do Better Right Now

An urgent message to the city of Concord. During these unprecedented times the Coronavirus has taken so much from all of us. We’ve been economically gutted. Small business owners are devastated and since the overwhelming number of Concordians are employed by small businesses, the employees have been devastated as well. This doesn’t even consider the...

China, Concord Sentinel

Letter to the Editor: China’s Responsibility

Whether China unknowingly or knowingly unleashed a virus upon the world that has crippled world economies and curtailed personal freedoms, I suspect the prior, but that’s an article for another time.  The reality is that either through a direct and violent attack on the world and complete ineptitude of the communist government of China, they...