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An urgent message to the city of Concord.

During these unprecedented times the Coronavirus has taken so much from all of us. We’ve been economically gutted. Small business owners are devastated and since the overwhelming number of Concordians are employed by small businesses, the employees have been devastated as well.
This doesn’t even consider the constitutional  liberties that have been taken from us. Social distancing, mandatory stay at home, etc have wreaked havoc to the likes that Americans have never seen even while under the yoke of a British monarchy that was so out of touch that they couldn’t see a revolution that would reshape the world.
So I ask the Concord officials, the mayor’s office and the governor’s office to consider, no — I demand that certain restrictions be lifted.
Friday, I was driving down Main Street. It was a proverbial ghost town. Only a few cars parked on Main Street. There were so many parking spaces open. However, to my dismay, a meter maid was writing a ticket for some poor soul.
What was the crime? Taking advantage of a parking space that her or her overstayed? I am not suggesting that the meter maid was acting on her own accord. I would think that her reasoning would have been “I’m just doing my job.”
I don’t want the meter maids to be laid off, I’m certain there are many other more positive things she could be doing.
What I’m suggesting is that for at least 90 days that Concord suspends all ticketing. If a person can afford to “feed the meter” then fine. However, a person working for a minimum wage has to pay 50 cents an hour, reducing their take home pay and incurring a ticket is unconscionable.
That leads to the trash pick-up scam that we have in Concord. Buying purple trash bags at, I think is $2.75 per bag, a family of four will spend almost $50 dollars per month.
Local, state and federal governments MUST feel some pain as well.  I am asking for the suspension in the requirement of buying purple trash bags and telling Concord that putting regular trash bags curbside for removal is just, ethical and needed to help the citizens of Concord.
The Concord Sentinel will be posting a poll in the next coming days to see if you agree.
Thank You and God Bless America.
– Roger Barter, Concord NH
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