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V12 Marketing is a Marketing Agency in Concord, NH

And we can vouch for their work.

Their team assisted us with our new website launch, and the current rebranding of the Concord Sentinel. Keep an eye out for a new Concord Sentinel logo! And their blog is a great resource for marketing tips and advice, but we thought this recent article was worth sharing. Check out their 3 Marketing and SEO Tips here, where they discuss topics such as diversifying platforms to impact reach, utilizing marketing automation, and ways to create and discover new content.

We’ve seen each of these tips in action here at the Concord Sentinel.

Leveraging Slack and Trello have made managing projects much easier, and communicating with team members and vendors in faster than ever. We’ve already made quite a bit of progress in Google Search Results as well, and have our targets set for future SEO development. Given we’re still in the beginning stages, the impact we’ve already seen is incredible.

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