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CONCORD, NH – The Merrimack County Conservation District (MCCD) has developed and printed its local food guide for 2023. This resource lists the county’s dairy, produce, and specialty food farms. It also informs readers about the simple accessibility of our county’s local bounty.

Merrimack County farms provide a diverse range of agricultural products, from bees to beets, and thanks to our food guide, you’ll be able to bring more delicious food home to your table. Utilizing the guide’s town-by-town list will make it simple for you to find farms in your area, local farmer’s markets, and other programs that help promote food production in the state of New Hampshire. 

Establishing connections with members of the local agricultural community and gaining an understanding of the origins of one’s food are two essential steps in the process of maintaining economic and personal resilience. 

What To Expect 

You will find throughout the guide several shorter articles that will give you information about farms in your area. These pieces will mirror the purposes of the guide, which are to educate and provide access to local food.

Merrimack County Conservation District has worked with local farmers to conserve natural resources since our formation in 1946, but farmers have been cultivating the valleys and fields of New England since before the arrival of European settlers. We are a proud part of this rich story. Below is a list of current farms, their contact information, and brief (but delicious-sounding) descriptions of all of their products.

When you buy food from a local farmer or producer, you are doing more than just making a purchase. When you invest in family farms, you are bolstering a way of life that not only benefits the economics of your community but also helps to create a more sustainable environment for future generations.

Copies can be downloaded from If you would like a tangible copy, please contact MCCD at (603) 223-6020 or and we will ship you one.

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