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Recently, we had the opportunity to speak Ann Marie from A&E Errand Services in Merrimack NH.

This was an interesting conversation, given the current news and Coronavirus outbreak.

A&E Errand Services offers local residents wide variety of errand services, from picking up groceries and pharmacy visits, to dog walking, airport runs, restaurant takeout pickup, and even tasks for small businesses in NH.

Their services also extend the local towns around Gardner MA as well, where Ann Marie’s business partner, Erin works and resides.

Ann Marie says that it’s been particularly tricky to navigate as they have been in business since 2017, but many inquiries have come in since the recent Coronavirus outbreak, and the last thing they want to do is seem opportunistic. She said it was especially inspiring seeing so many people volunteer to run errands for others, such as the elderly and those most at risk to COVID-19 infection.

Ann Marie says, “There are times where we provides services without a fee, to take care of those most in need or facing hardship.”

This has made her and her staff twice as busy as normal. Both from new inquiries and existing customers, many people are opting not to go out in practice of social distancing.

Ann Marie says she has partnered with a few local businesses and restaurants to offer a more streamlined service for customers. For example, All Real Meals, from Manchester NH, has been able to expand their delivery network with A&E Errand Services. These healthy meals for under $10 have been able to reach new customers at their homes.

When we asked Ann Marie how her business compares with services like InstaCart and UberEats, Ann Marie made some interesting points.

She said, “With these delivery services, while convenient, there is rarely a personal relationship between the driver and the customer.”

Ann Marie mentions that on many occasions, she has gotten a list of items from a customer, and has asked if they had forgotten something, as she has gotten to know their regular requests.

There is also a higher degree of trust, as well as efficiency, with A&E Errand Services than there is with these apps.

She says their personal experience is appreciated by her clientele, and she is always working to make sure they get everything they need.

Ann Marie also says her person to person business makes it easier to keep costs down. Usually, A&E Errand Services charges an hourly rate, but it can also be task-based, depending on the needs of the customer. Most often, customers pay by Venmo, CashApp, or Square. They have also started accepting Digital Gift Cards from customers, which can be bought and shared on their website.

It was great to speak with Ann Marie about her business, and we recommend if you need their services, you check them out next time you have an errand to run, or need some extra assistance.

Here’s their contact info:

Phone: (603)321-3652

You can visit their website here:

You can find A&E Errand Services on social media:


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