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A few weeks ago, we spoke with Ryan Hvizda from Hvizda Realty, and her experience being a both a Realtor and business owner in Concord.

Ryan owns Hvizda Realty with her husband, Michael Hvizda. And she has been real estate agent for 6 years.

Hvizda Realty Group, powered by Keller Williams Metropolitan, are led by environmentally conscious and community leaders here in Concord. Both co-owners of Bonafide Green Goods, the two are on a crusade to bring healthy and sustainable products and lifestyles to New Hampshire.

As one of the top real estate companies in NH, Hvizda Realty is a business based on principles. Ryan told us that when she and Michael started the business, they wanted to focus on a core set of ideas: People, Planet, Profit. And in that order. And now, years later, that have shown that this is possible. Especially by focusing on farms and sustainable properties here in New Hampshire.

Ryan says, “We’re really looking to help sellers and buyers move on to the next phase of their life.”

Prior to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, Hvizda Realty was running events for buyers and sellers to attend.

Topics such as a First Time Home Buyer Event, or Land Access/Transfer Info Session, Home Stewardship Courses were run by the team. Now, while these events have been postponed, Ryan says she is providing virtual events and tours, as well as practicing social distancing while with clients.

One recent and beautiful example of the properties that the Hvizda Realty Group offers is this farmland real estate listing in Francestown NH.

If you are in the real estate market in New Hampshire, we absolutely recommend reaching out to Hvizda Realty Group, and exploring ways they can help.

You can visit their website here:

You can contact them here:
Phone: (603) 557-6661

And you can visit their social media here:


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