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Tickets for the TulipFête Festival weekend are currently on sale! Hay wagon rides, activities, food, and music are all part of the celebration. Their vintage farm store (“The Stand”) will be open, selling unique items and baked foods. Weekend of May 6-7; 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pick-your-own days are held for two weeks in late April/early May.

Performing Music

Saturday, May 6 (1:00 to 5:00): Decatur Creek

Sunday, May 7 (1:00 to 5:00): Frankie Boy and the Blues Express

Food (available for purchase separately)

On Saturday, May 6, Little Zoe’s Fire Box Pizza (11-5); Vinny Bag O’ Donuts (8-11); Kona Ice of New Hampshire (11-3); and Up In Your Grill BBQ (2-5) will be open.

Sunday, May 7: Little Zoe’s Fire Box Pizza (11-5 p.m.); Vinny Bag O’ Donuts (8-11 a.m.); Kona Ice of New Hampshire (11-3 p.m.); Up In Your Grill (2-5 p.m.); Tin Can Co (11-4 p.m.).

In addition, we will host special events in our Tasting House, such as Wine & Design (May 10th and 12th). Yoga (May 4th and 11th) and goat yoga (May 21st) are two other particular tulip-time events.

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Weekend Ticket Prices for the Festival

– General Admission Prime Time (all timeslots except 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.) Adults pay $18 and children pay $10.

– Adult (15+) and child (5-14).

– Children under the age of five are free.

Early risers can take advantage of discounts at the 8:00 and 9:00 timeslots, which do not include all the food and music amenities available later timeslots (Adult $13/Child $8).

Tickets can be purchased at the event (Prime Time: Adult $20/Child $12; Early Time: Adult $15/Child $10), however, time slots are restricted and cannot be guaranteed unless purchased online in advance.

Tulips can be picked up for $1.50 per stem with basic entry. The light bulbs are not included.  (They expect a significant portion of the fields to be in bloom, but we reserve the right to close certain areas to picking if field bloom conditions are unfavorable). 

Conditions of Use

Tickets are only valid for the specified date and time on the ticket. We cannot guarantee parking or admission if you come after your time slot. Spend as much time as you want in the field until we close at 6:00 p.m.

Tickets are not refundable, but they can be transferred to another individual.

We are open every day, rain or shine. Refunds will be issued only if the farm is forced to close.

Pet Policy: We welcome service animals covered by the ADA exclusively – no exceptions – for reasons of food safety and the well-being of our other guests.

Consult our website at or Facebook for the most up-to-date information.

It is not permitted to smoke.

Drones are not permitted, however, photography is encouraged.

Consent to Use Photos and Video: By purchasing a ticket to this event, you grant the Farm at Wolf Pine Hollow permission to use your likeness (picture, video, and voice), as well as the likenesses of any minors for whom you are responsible, in accordance with our Event Photography and Videography Policy. 

Please contact us at or 603-722-6404 if you have any queries.

Advice and Information

Clothing: Wear appropriate footwear and rain gear.  Farm walks, paths, and fields can be uneven, rocky, muddy, and hazardous when wet.  Please exercise caution.

Accessibility: Although disabled parking is extremely limited, we can accommodate handicapped passengers for drop off and pick up.  While the majority of the farm is wheelchair accessible, the terrain is mountainous and there are no paved surfaces outside.  

Photography: We invite all photographers, both experts, and amateurs, to take photos in the tulip fields and at our photo-worthy props such as antique vehicles, vintage tractors, and other vignettes.  Photographers and their clients/models only need to pay the usual tulip field entry. 

Professional photography is not permitted outside of our tulip fields, the gated agricultural area, The Landing, or the Pond Loop Trail.  All photography is prohibited in the farm’s guest residential sections.

Tulip Picking Instructions:

Grip the stem as near the ground as possible and pull straight up until the stem snaps from the bulb, which should happen below ground. This procedure will produce the longest stem.  Twisting or pushing on the stem at an angle may cause it to break closer to the bloom.

If the bulb pops out of the ground, you can either chop it off or carry it home.  While it may be tempting, transplanting the bulb will not result in a bloom the following year.

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