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Modern Look Hair Salon, in Henniker NH, isn’t letting COVID-19 slow them down.

Margaret McClellan, owner and master stylist says, “Our shop might be closed, but we’re working harder than ever for once we’re allowed to open again.”

Since she’s been forced to shut her salon temporarily, Margaret has been finding new ways to continue working on her business and serving her customers.

Margaret says, “We’ve delivered hair coloring mixes and dropped them off on doorstops, coached people on at-home haircuts, and continued our training with Sexy Hair to develop new styles once we’re back open.”

The stay-at-home order has been difficult on many businesses, of all sizes, but in particular hair salons, as deemed non-essential, they are not permitted to continue operating their storefronts.

Margaret also mentioned that she’s now offering digital gift cards for customers to purchase and use once Modern Look is open again. She also mentioned that even when she’s allowed to re-open, she’ll be practicing social distancing, by only allowing one customer in the shop at a time, and being very diligent with sanitation, although this was already a priority for her.

One thing is for sure, we may reconsider what is deemed essential after the order is lifted and everyone has shaggy hair with odd split-ends or uneven self-administered haircuts they’ve taken upon themselves.

You can learn more about Modern Look Hair Salon in Henniker, NH on their website here:

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