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Friday May 22, 2020

Contact: Linds Jakows, Deputy Campaign Manager, Volinsky for NH


Volinsky Says State Liquor Store COVID Case Bolsters Case for Mask Order

Why Did It Take a Week to Release This Information?

CONCORD, N.H. — In response to today’s revelation of a case of COVID-19 contracted by a Manchester state liquor store employee a week ago, Andru Volinsky released the following statement:

“I viewed state liquor stores as a dangerous vector for the spread of the virus at the start of the pandemic. Today’s announcement of a week-old positive test result for a Manchester liquor store employee raises both the question of the overall safety of customers who visited the store and the question of why this information wasn’t released a week ago, when customers should have received notice. The infection also underscores the need for employees and customers alike to wear protective face coverings if they want to buy liquor in New Hampshire. That’s why I called for a mask order enforced by businesses this Monday.The Governor must now take the step that public health scientists tell us is appropriate; order the wearing of masks in public. I fear that the pandemic will only become worse without this reasonable step, especially as we prepare for out-of-state tourists to visit our state.”

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