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Recently, we had spoke with Aaron Baker, owner and founder of Mulberry Creek Imagery.

Mulberry Creek Imagery is a photography service located here in Concord, New Hampshire. Recently, they changed from being a full-service photography service to focusing on portraits – pets, high school seniors, family, and business. We asked Aaron to tell us a bit about how he got into photography and the idea to start his business.

He said, “I grew up around art and always enjoyed it. My grandfather was a commercial artist in CA, and my mom was also an artist. I originally got into photography when I was in high school and became more interested in it after I joined the Army.”

While stationed in Germany, I got the opportunity to work as a photographer for an Army newspaper. The best part of the job was traveling around and seeing all the interesting things different units were doing. For example, once I went to Belgium to a NATO competition between Long Range Surveillance Units. Another fascinating experience was being stationed Germany in 1989 when Berlin Wall came down. It was remarkable, one day there were fences and mine fields, the next day they were building roads.”

After leaving the Army, Aaron had several jobs that allowed him to learn more about photography and practice his craft, including at Ritz Camera stores in Manchester and Concord. 

While working, people would ask him if he photographed weddings, and in 2008 he started to learn more about portraits. By 2012, he decided to try turning his love of photography into a business. He started part-time and with the hope to eventually go full-time. Aaron says doing a variety of photography like commercial, headshots, events, weddings, and portraits kept it interesting. It also provided a deeper overall understanding of photography. But he realized the best chance of being successful in photography is to narrow your focus.

Aaron tells us, “I just liked photography and wanted to try it all, but eventually found I enjoyed doing portraits most. It gives me the freedom to be more creative. I found I would rather spend more time perfecting a few photos in postproduction than going through a couple of thousand photos after a big event or wedding. However, there are a few nonprofits I enjoy supporting by volunteering my photography at their events.

When we asked Aaron how Mulberry Creek Imagery was responding to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, he had quite a bit to tell us.

He says they are still doing some “socially distant” photo shoots, but also taking the time to retool the business. With help from his wife and business partner, Doreen, they are updating their website, booking appointments later in the year, and researching methods and equipment – in other words, staying quite busy.

Aaron and Mulberry Creek Imagery also plan on doing more pet portraits. Dogs, cats, and more are part of the family for many people, so they deserve beautiful portraits as well, he saysThey love animals and capturing their personalities in photos. During this time, they are getting the necessary equipment and working with a dog trainer to fine tune their ability to work with dogs and other pets.

Aaron tells us, “We are rethinking and refocusing how we are doing the business. That means ensuring all our processes are well designed and in place to prepare for a busy Summer and Fall. Our goal is creating more than just beautiful, artistic photos, but also a memorable experience. We guide our clients through the entire process, from planning the images before the session, to helping match the final images to just the right products to decorate their home. Terrific images deserve to be displayed where people can see them, which will spark conversations about the stories those images tell. asked me, ‘What is your superpower?’ I say, ‘I freeze time.’ You can capture moments, memories to customers can hold onto forever, in your hand, on a wall, in art. They are memories, decorating your home.”

We asked Aaron a bit about his process when photographing a new portrait for a client.

He says the most important step is planning the images before the session. They talk through what the client would like for setting, style, and mood so the session goes smoother and the client gets exactly the images they want. Sometimes that leads to “themed” photos like a Huck Finn style, or 50s feel. It can also lead to creating composites – adding elements to a photo to craft images not possible directly in the camera. Whether the more stylized images or the fine art portraits, Aaron uses artistic retouching techniques to make sure each image will be an image the client will cherish for years to come.

Aaron says people enjoy looking at old photos of family that have been passed down through the generations. Their goal at Mulberry Creek Imagery is to create not just images, but art that their clients’ grandchildren and great grandchildren will love. 

In addition to pet, senior, and family portraits, Mulberry Creek Imagery also offers personal branding sessions. Today, the first impression many people have of a business or professional is through an image, either online or in print. Aaron asks, “What message do you want to send through your business portrait?” Professionals deserve professional portraits and it’s important that there is a consistent look to all the headshots on a company’s website. Personal branding sessions take headshots to the next level – let your brand and your brand’s values speak through your business portraits.

When you’re ready to update your image, celebrate milestones, honor a beloved pet, or just want to create some fun portraits, we absolutely recommend checking out Mulberry Creek Imagery. 

You can find some of their photography work on their website here:

Or, you can visit them on Facebook here:

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