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Recently, we had a great conversation with Shane Norton, owner and operator of Norton Construction LLC in Derry, New Hampshire.

Norton Construction is a family business that has been serving Southern New Hampshire homeowners for over 30 years. Shane tells us nowadays they mostly focus on home roofing services in NH, but also do home siding, windows, doors, decks, gutters, and various other work depending on the job.

Shane says, “Norton Construction was founded in 1988. It is our hope to create a multi-generational relationship with our customers. We have built our company and name on these principles.”

This is especially clear when seeing all the certifications that Shane and his team have received. As an Owen’s Corning Preferred Contractor, Norton Construction shows their expertise and workmanship when completing home construction work.

Shane tells us that Owen’s Corning products are top-notch, and over the years, Norton Construction has tested out many different roofing and home construction materials, and Owen’s Corning just works. Plus, the warranty is very attractive for many homeowners.

When we asked Shane about how Norton Construction has dealt with and responded to the recent coronavirus outbreak, Shane said, “It’s been a bit of an unusual year so far, but we have made many adjustments. As an essential business, we had to be available for our customers. A leaky roof isn’t something you can wait to repair. But, we’ve been smart and cautious with our customers and our team. We always talk with our customers on the phone before going to a home, and practice social distancing, and wear masks when social distancing isn’t possible. Our team always has sanitizer on hand, and is frequently disinfecting surfaces in company vehicles, and other frequently touched surfaces. Fortunately, everyone is in good health, and we will continue this for as long as necessary.”

You can learn more about Norton Construction by visiting their website here:

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