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Transform Dojo Concord NH

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jacob, the owner of TransformDojo in Concord, New Hampshire about his Kenpo karate business and why he chose to open it. Me; having zero karate experience, really wanted to get down to the basics. What exactly does TransformDojo stand for? Well to start, Jacob let me know that a “dojo” is a karate mat! 

His mission is to create an environment for people to feel comfortable while getting fit. While he was learning to mountain bike, rock climb, and many other sports, he realized that the confidence he gained from martial arts helped him become a better athlete. 

“Martial Arts changes lives and certainly has changed mine, in terms of confidence”, said Jacob.

Jacob explained to me that he first started Kenpo Karate in the year 2000 and got his Black Belt in 2008 and has been helping his instructor ever since. After working some time as a personal trainer (which he still does). He then took all the knowledge from his previous two instructors and opened TransformDojo in October of 2019. Yay for a little over one year!!

Everyone starts somewhere in terms of fitness and Jacob really stresses the importance of feeling comfortable where you decide to put in the work to become the best version of yourself.

There is a wide range of membership options that Jacob provides at TransformDojo. Not only does he provide in-person training, but his website also offers free training memberships online as well! 

What About COVID?

Jacob made sure to have many options available so if COVID is a worry, people are still able to work out and get fit from the comfort of their own homes. He even created an entire webpage dedicated to his plan.

Specific procedures have been put in place because of COVID  such as no more than 8 people in the location at any given time, masks need to be worn by the instructor, and everything is sterilized thoroughly. Also, because of COVID, Jacob has been able to offer 2 personal training sessions a week for the people with memberships.

Transform Dojo Free Classes

  •  “10 Minute Self Defense”. This free session with three 10 minute videos is all about gaining the confidence to begin your fitness journey. These three videos focus on helping you avoid certain situations and even help you get out of certain situations such as someone bear hugging you from behind.
  •  “Shape Up – Phase 1”.  You can be new to working out, a seasoned pro, or someone who has dropped the ball as of late.  If the doctor says you are good to work out and you don’t have any underlying issues this program will help you. 
  • “Maximize your Gains”. which gives you tips and tricks to get more from your exercise routine. Don’t lose motivation, miss days, and adapt on the fly! The second online program is a 6-week fitness program workout (25min)

    Jacob also offers in-person training for whatever you want to achieve!  Do you want to climb a mountain? Ride 8 miles on a bike? Trying to hit the personal record you’ve been trying for on a leg press machine? The in-person membership includes all of these online programs along with the in-person classes! Jacob makes sure to tailor each of his training exactly tailored to the needs of each individual.

    Overall, it’s a place where you can learn Karate, Kickboxing, Conditioning, Self Defense, and pretty much anything you can think of. I mean the slogan for TransformDojo is “Get fit as a fighter”, so clearly, he is passionate about fitness.

    After chatting with Jacob, it certainly makes me realize that I should start to look at self-defense classes as a small woman myself. I know for certain that I would feel much more comfortable walking alone to my car at night having the knowledge of self-defense that TransformDojo provides. Luckily, he provides new customers with a FREE first session. 

    To learn more, visit their website, or contact Jacob directly at 603-715-5940 to ask any questions about the information provided here today. TransformDojo is located at 249 Sheep Davis Rd STE 3 Concord NH, 03301.

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