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Hector Rios is co-owner of Estate Sales by Jesod, an estate liquidation company. We had the opportunity to interview him to see what his business offers and how it all began!

Can you tell us a bit about the history of the business?

Estate Sales by Jesod LLC was founded in 2013 by when two great friends had attended an auction together in Concord NH. On the ride back home from the Auction, Hector and Eric saw a sign for an estate sale that was ongoing and decided to stop in and see what it was about. Since buying and reselling had currently been a hobby for the two great friends, they really enjoyed the estate sale and the fun of hunting for treasures. What really caught their attention was the fact that Estate sales were not very popular at the time and it seemed as though there was a need and a market for it in the state of New Hampshire. On the ride back home they joked about the possibility of creating an estate sale company, but neither placed much value into the idea. Hector who at the time was attending his final semester of college in pursuit of a degree in web development, decided that for his final project he would go ahead and create a website for an LLC he had just filed for, the Business name would be Estate Sales by Jesod LLC.

Hector waited until he received the LLC and created the website to then let Eric know that the idea of creating an estate sale company was now a legitimate legal business and that now they had to follow thru and begin putting in the work to launch it. They purchased a domain, made their website live, and after about 2 weeks, got their first lead. “Our first sale was not a huge success. We dove into the business without knowing how to advertise to a niche audience that is estate sale shoppers. It was a learning experience for us, but with every sale, we got better at our advertising, and our following continued to grow. The fact that we are both very personal with the customers and run our business with the mentality that Client and customer satisfaction is the #1 priority, we quickly gained a following and a ton of repeat customers which made the business continue to strive.

As the business owner or representative, what are you most proud of about your business?

As a business, we are proud of how we continue to grow year after year. The fact that 10 years later we still have customers that have been with us since day 1, makes us extremely proud of our staff and their customer service. We have been rated the #1 estate sale company in New Hampshire by various sites and have even been in the top 10 most viewed estate sale companies nationwide. We strive to maintain our 5 star google rating which we are proud to have achieved.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

The joy that we get out of the business is the fact that the majority of the time, we are helping a family who is going through a tough time in life. Usually, an estate sale has to take place either because of a death in the family, a divorce, or a downsizing or foreclosure situation, and the fact that the clients are trusting us with their possessions during a tough time in life speaks volumes of how we run our business. Our main priority is to make sure we exceed the expectations of our clients.

What challenges does your business face?

One of the biggest challenges that we faced along with everyone else, was the pandemic. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, our priority was that people would remain safe, that coupled with the fact that people were wanting to stay safe indoors and were being cautious and avoiding interacting with others, it really affected our business. Due to the fact that we are onsite, in-person business affected our business for the first few months of the pandemic, but we had to think fast and adapt. At that time, we decided to expand the estate sale business and branch out into what is called online estate sale auctions. Instead of doing in-person estate sales, we began conducting online estate sale auctions which became very popular during the pandemic. It actually became a blessing, because due to the online auctions, we are now able to offer multiple services and options for our clients to meet their needs. In 2021, we had our biggest and best year to date.

Any fun stories that highlight your company’s culture?

We enjoy seeing the smiles on our customer’s faces when they find great bargains. Just knowing that we are meeting the needs of others is satisfaction for our souls.

Is the business involved in the local community in any ways you’d like to share?

Our business has a great relationship with an organization called Mission Life. Hector, co-founder of Estate Sales by Jesod has gone on a Missions trip with Mission life to Colombia to spend time with less fortunate kids.
Mission Life is a Christ-centered nonprofit organization partnering through a hands-on social development program and the use of technology to foster meaningful relationships between children in need and people who care. Raising generations empowered to create a positive ripple effect on their families, communities, and countries. Their focus is to promote social development through spiritual, intellectual, and physical development and to improve the quality of the lives of children, adolescents, and teenagers through hands-on, after-school development programs. This includes fostering opportunities for progress and changing families by transforming their social structures, then giving sponsors and their families the opportunity to be involved in the relationships, inherent values, and principles, thereby growing a caring mentality, making a positive impact in the lives of others, and empowering new generations to end social injustice.
For More info on Missions visit the link below

What does the work/life balance look like at your company?

We as a business are advocates of having a healthy work/life balance. We believe that the most important thing is taking care of your health and your family. We have a great balance and make sure that our staff never feel overworked in any situation.

Where do you see your company in five years?

Our goal is to continue to grow and diversify the company. We want to continue to grow our customer and client base, and continue to be recognized as the #1 Estate Liquidator in New Hampshire. We eventually would like to branch into the real estate market as well.

Is there anything else you would like to let us know?

We would just like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the years. If it were not for our customers, our business would not have the success that it has had.


To learn more about Estate Sales by Jesod, you can contact them with the information below:

P.O Box 1676
Nashua 03061
United States
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(603) 255-5737


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