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Meet Scott Goodrich, an entrepreneur and the driving force behind The Joint Chiropractic in New Hampshire, is a business that combines local community, health and wellness, an affordable business model, and an excellent team.

We will look at The Joint Chiropractic’s history, values, and future goals, as well as the unique blend of passion and purpose that distinguishes this company.

The Joint Chiropractic’s History

Scott Goodrich, who has a history of founding and investing in the wireless technology industry, embarked on a new chapter by opening The Joint Chiropractic Clinics. Nashua hosted the first clinic in 2016, Salem in 2017, and Manchester in August 2021. Goodrich’s reason for pursuing this chiropractic venture was not only a personal interest but also a desire to promote health and wellness in the local community.

Goodrich said, “I wanted to keep my business local and in a field that would promote health and wellness. After selling a business that he founded and ran for 17 years, he decided to invest in a franchise concept that was very compelling.” The Joint’s business model, along with a Starbucks management team, appealed to him as the ideal combination of local focus, health and wellness advocacy, sound business practices, and relatively small professional staffing.

When asked what makes him most proud of The Joint Chiropractic, Goodrich points to the amazing staff that has been created over the years. “It didn’t happen overnight; we were able to bring on excellent doctors and staff that have made this business a success,” he said. The team’s dedication and experience contribute considerably to the clinics’ beneficial impact on their communities.

Favorite Thing

Working directly with the team and patients is Goodrich’s favorite part of the job. Seeing the actual benefits and changes they create in the communities they serve provides a great feeling of gratification.

Problems and Solutions

Joint Chiropractic, like any other business, confronts obstacles. One significant barrier is the difficulty in finding and recruiting doctors in New Hampshire, which has one of the lowest doctor-to-population ratios in the country. Goodrich recognizes the difficulty and cites the adoption of labor optimization techniques to ensure that doctors and staff are not overwhelmed.

Community Involvement: The Joint Chiropractic actively participates in community outreach and by being a member of the Chamber of Commerce. This link represents the clinic’s commitment to becoming an integral part of the communities they serve, building relationships that extend beyond the clinic’s walls.

Work/Life Balance: Joint Chiropractic prioritizes a healthy work/life balance. Goodrich points out that the company works hard to make the work-life balance as joyful as possible for its employees, using labor optimization initiatives to avoid burnout and providing flexible schedules with part and full-time opportunities 

Future Plans: Looking ahead, Goodrich sees The Joint Chiropractic extending its presence in the region. The objective is to open at least one to two more clinics in New Hampshire over the next five years, with the possibility of expanding into Northern Massachusetts.

Scott Goodrich’s passion for health, community, and business savvy has resulted in a one-of-a-kind and profitable business endeavor. With a focus on people—both in the community and within the clinic—The Joint Chiropractic is a wellness lighthouse dedicated to improving the lives of its patients.

For more information about The Joint Chiropractic and its services, visit their website: The Joint Chiropractic.

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