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In the dynamic realm of food and beverage brand licensing, Broad Street Licensing Group has established itself as a leader, consistently ranking among the top 20 licensing agencies globally. 

Celebrating its 27th anniversary, this powerhouse brand licensing agency has reshaped the landscape of food licensing, crafting deals that have generated over a billion dollars in retail revenue worldwide. Their clientele roster includes illustrious names such as Subway, Tony Roma’s, SeaPak Seafoods, Farm Rich Foods, and Hard Rock Cafe.


The Origin Story: A Creamsicle Revolution

The inception of Broad Street is as unique as its journey. Carole Francesca, the co-founder and CEO, reminisces about their groundbreaking venture with the Creamsicle brand. This venture, where an iconic ice cream flavor was transformed into a popular candy line named ‘Creamsicle Twists’, marked their first major stride in food category brand licensing.

Under Francesca’s leadership, Broad Street has continually pushed the boundaries. Francesca, with a rich background in entertainment licensing, shifted her focus to corporate brands, foreseeing the untapped potential in this sector. Her vision was to create a boutique agency dedicated to corporate brand licensing, offering a fresh perspective and innovative approach.

Director of Licensing Peter Cross, hailing from a PR background, highlights the agency’s unique specialization in food and beverage licensing. Broad Street’s expertise in this niche has set them apart, enabling them to build successful programs for a range of clients, from global giants to impactful smaller brands.

Beyond Deals: Crafting Impactful Brand Experiences

Broad Street’s approach is not just about brokering deals but about being an integral part of the development and execution of every project. The agency takes pride in ensuring that products not only carry the brand’s essence but also resonate with consumers, making them return for more.

Their inventive strategies have led to notable successes, such as introducing American barbecue flavors to the Japanese market through a partnership with Walmart Japan for Tony Roma’s. This initiative was not just a licensing deal but an immersive project involving extensive research, collaboration, and product development.


Manufacturer Representation: The BIC USA Collaboration

Broad Street also extends its expertise to manufacturers, helping them acquire brands for their product lines. Their collaboration with BIC USA is a prime example of this, where Broad Street has played a pivotal role in expanding BIC’s range of disposable lighters with various licensed properties.

At its core, Broad Street Licensing Group is driven by a passion for food and beverage and a dedication to innovation. This ethos, combined with their extensive knowledge and unique approach, has cemented their position as a leader in the food and beverage licensing sector. As they celebrate over a quarter-century of excellence, Broad Street continues to set the standard, showing that in the world of licensing, they are indeed where the puck is going to be.

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