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We’re excited to announce that the Concord Sentinel has a new logo!

Concord Sentinel is still a work-in-progress, but this new addition to the brand is an exciting step.

As we continue to grow and develop the content, brand, and culture of the Concord Sentinel, we want to keep you updated along the way. We love New England, and Concord, NH – and we want to bring that same energy and information to you. Whether it’s music events in the NH Capitol City, or a new business that’s opened up shop. Maybe there’s a new policy on the books in the House of Representatives, or you’re looking for a new job, Concord Sentinel is looking to create content to be enjoyed, shared, and valued.

We believe that by offering exclusive local content, as well as breaking news, interesting finds, and more — while also offering a great digital experience, we will have our work cut out for us for quite some time.

What do you think about the logo? Let us know in the comments by signing up here, and you’ll also get real-time updates from our newsletter.

You can follow/like us on social media, and share your thoughts with us there by tagging @concordsentinel.

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