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As a Granite Stater, I’ve always loved our tax-free approach. As one of the only states without an income tax, I feel grateful to live in a community that honors the hard work of its members. The fact that we were able to navigate through a global pandemic while using state funds to responsibly assist small businesses and vulnerable folks make me proud. I want to see continued common-sense, responsible spending by our state government, which is why I call on Bedford Residents to support Linda Camarota.

Linda has already represented us in the past, and her track record and transparency are unmatched. She’s never voted for a new tax and is dedicated to the NH advantage as well as reducing small business regulations. She is also an advocate for senior citizens, working to help provide fiscal measures to allow them to stay in their homes. I resonate with this measure deeply, since I had to move out of Bedford myself due to financial pressures myself. But I’ll always love Bedford and hope to once again call it home.

I hope fellow Bedford residents will join me in supporting the fiscally responsible candidate who will help expand the terrific efforts of Governor Chris Sununu and Republican legislators – the future of our communities depends on it. Vote for Candidate Linda Camarota on September 7th!

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