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MANCHESTER, New Hampshire, November 7, 2022 — Manchester, NH – John Coughlin, the Hillsborough County Attorney announces a website exposing all of Nick Sarwark’s lack of qualifications and extremist behavior. The campaign to re-elect John J. Coughlin as Hillsborough County Attorney has experienced significant support over the last few months. This support has also come in the form of outcry against Nick Sarwark, a Free-Stater Libertarian who poached the Democrat slot on the ballot.

This effort has enabled the Coughlin Campaign to have a website developed that has cataloged all the areas of concern that voters share.

Examples of this include:

  • Nick Sarwark has never worked as a prosecutor in New Hampshire courts
  • Nick Sarwark was ONLY admitted to the New Hampshire Bar in 2021
  • Nick Sarwark has a criminal record
  • Nick Sarwark has run for office multiple times in multiple states but has never been elected
  • Nick Sarwark has ONLY lived in New Hampshire since 2020
  • Nick Sarwark has become known for extremist political theatrics, including the public celebration of the death of John McCain on Twitter
  • Nick Sarwark has been regarded as “not on the ticket” and “not a Democrat” by Democrat organizations in New Hampshire

Voters from both sides of the aisle have come forward to support the campaign to re-elect John Coughlin.

John Coughlin has received letters of endorsement from former Democrat State Senators, including Robert F. Bossie, and Bobby Stephen.

John Coughlin has said, “I ask for your vote and urge you to please share this message with your friends and neighbors in Hillsborough County.”

To view the “Sarwark Exposed” website, visit:

To learn more about John Coughlin’s re-election campaign, visit:


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