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All information is courtesy of the Concord Police Department.

Concord Police are looking for suspects in a scheme involving the skimming of credit cards.

Authorities in Concord are looking for two men on suspicion that they installed credit card skimming devices on the registers of two nearby businesses a month ago.

Data Collected

On October 19th, employees at a Walmart located on Loudon Road discovered a credit card skimmer that had been linked to a register in an express lane. This was the first incident that was recorded. A similar device was discovered eight days later, on October 27th, at the Market Basket that is located on Storrs Street. 

The devices were both reportedly put in place on October 17th by the same people, according to the police.


Law enforcement agencies all around New England are reportedly looking into occurrences that are very similar to what the Concord police are investigating. Skimmer devices are intended to collect crucial information from credit and debit cards, which is then sent to a third party. This information can then be used fraudulently.

Customers are required to swipe their credit cards, which gives the magnetic reader the opportunity to take their personal information.

This is one of the unmistakable signs that the card chip reader slot has been tampered with and is no longer functioning properly.

The photos of two people captured on surveillance footage by the police and thought to have been involved in the incidents have been made public. Anyone who has knowledge about their identity or who has reason to fear that their credit card information may have been compromised is advised to get in touch with the Criminal Investigations Division’s Detective Stephen Hemming as soon as possible.

How You Can Help

The Concord Regional Crimeline allows people to provide information without revealing their identities and offers monetary rewards in exchange for tips that result in the capture and indictment of criminals. Any tips will be kept strictly secret.

Detective Stephen Hemming of the Criminal Investigations Division requests that anyone who has information on the identity of either of these individuals or who believes that their credit card information was compromised during this timeframe contact him at or 603-225-8600 (ext. 4854).

You can also contact the Concord Regional Crimeline anonymously by calling (603) 226-3100 or submitting information online through the Crimeline website at 

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