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For the 38th time, Downtown Concord hosted a tree lighting ceremony outside of the Statehouse last week.

Despite the cancellation of the customary Christmas parade due to weather, hundreds of excited revelers gathered to usher in the holiday season in grand style.

A professional magician, a vibrant costume contest, attractive wagon rides, and delightful clown balloons were among the highlights of the event. The arrival of Santa Claus, securely accompanied by Concord Fire Tower 1, was the highlight of the evening. 

Despite the absence of pyrotechnics in the night sky, with community cooperation, the 2024 tree lighting would exceed all expectations.

The mood in Downtown Concord was nothing short of wonderful as relatives and friends gathered to celebrate the 38th annual tree lighting events. While the customary Christmas parade was canceled this year, the event organizers made certain that the spirit of the season was preserved. Attendees were treated to a professional magician’s magical skills, who wove spells of surprise and awe, capturing audiences of all ages.

Costumes Contest

The vibrant costume contest, which provided an extra layer of excitement to the celebrations, was one of the evening’s highlights. Children and adults alike dressed up in their most imaginative and joyful outfits, transforming the occasion into a rainbow of colors and personalities. The broad assortment of costumes displayed the community’s inventiveness and common love for the Christmas season, ranging from classic holiday figures to whimsical animals.

Wagon Rides and Clown Balloons

Wagon rides were available to bring a bit of old-fashioned charm to the event, allowing families to enjoy a leisurely tour around Downtown Concord decked out in festive lights and decorations. Meanwhile, bright clown balloons drifted through the air, making youngsters and adults alike smile. These small but lovely touches contributed to the holiday season’s overall sense of community and camaraderie.

Santa’s Entry

As the evening progressed, the magnificent entry of Santa Claus was a moment that all who attended will remember. To the surprise of the crowd, Santa arrived with Concord Fire Tower 1 as his escort, bringing cheer and holiday spirit. The cheery old man in red posed for photos, listened to children’s wishes and personified the pure spirit of Christmas.

Fireworks Absence

While the night sky lacked the usual blasts of color and sparkle, the joyful spirit was not dampened. Instead, it served as a reminder of the Concord community’s tenacity and adaptation. Santa unexpectedly addressed the gathering, expressing hope and optimism for the future. He proposed a collaborative fundraising campaign during the off-season, promising that the 2024 tree lighting ceremony would be bigger and better than before, replete with a stunning fireworks display.

A Community Working Together for a Better Future

As the 38th annual tree lighting ceremony came to an end, Downtown Concord stood as a tribute to the community’s strength and solidarity. Despite this year’s hardships, the Christmas spirit prevailed, bringing people together for a night of pleasure, laughter, and shared celebration. With Santa’s pledge resonating in their hearts, the community looks forward to a future in which their combined efforts will fill the sky with a brilliant display of fireworks, making the 2024 tree lighting a truly unique occasion.

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